Health Circle

A combined course program to get to know different ways of strengthening the whole body in the particularly efficient circuit form. The goal is to get to know different possibilities of training. These are to be carried out and extended afterwards in self-responsibility regularly.


Yoga means unity of body and mind and offers the possibility to let body, breath and mind work harmoniously on each other. Sometimes dynamic, sometimes calm, your muscles are stretched and strengthened. These exercises release physical and mental tensions and the subsequent deep relaxation brings new energy and concentration.

Indoor cycling

Cycling to the rhythm of music - targeted endurance training. Tightening and definition of the entire buttocks and leg muscles as well as rapid weight reduction through high calorie consumption.


Zumba is a dance workout from a mixture of Latin and international music. The program consists of interval training combined with fast and slow rhythm that strengthens and shapes the body. Zumba is great for fat burning and holistic body strengthening. Targeted areas such as abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms as well as the cardiovascular system are trained.

Hot Iron™

Recharge your batteries, get fit and have fun at the same time - Hot Iron® makes it possible. Suitable for everyone as a course program when classic strengthening courses no longer produce the optimal training effects. This course is an ideal introduction to barbell training. Through specifically combined technique training, the important basics and executions are performed and do not overload even a beginner.


Yogalates combines meditative yoga asanas with body toning Pilates workouts - fitness all around. Your body and mind will thank you for this workout, and if you're passionate about both yoga and Pilates, you'll want for nothing! 

Body Fit

Body Fit combines simple aerobic elements and strengthening exercises with and without aids such as dumbbells or therabands or a stepper to form a unit. Intensive movement and a high calorie consumption ensure a healthy, slim and strong body.

Spine Flow

Spine Flow is a training for the health maintenance and rehabilitation of the spine (cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine) and thus protects against mechanical overload in everyday life. The exercise program mobilizes, stabilizes and strengthens the entire trunk musculature. The emphasis in this class is on balancing the back and abdominal muscles. This is the ideal class for anyone who wants to prevent postural and spine problems.


Pilates is a holistic workout of the body. It combines stretching and strengthening exercises to gently work all muscle groups. To form long and lean muscles, connected muscle chains are trained. Especially the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as the muscles around the spine are strengthened - also less used muscle groups are strengthened and toned. In addition, posture, flexibility and sense of balance are improved.

Step Aerobic

Step aerobics is an aerobic workout that is easy on the joints and involves climbing up and down a height-adjustable platform. The rapid ascent and descent during the choreography also trains the entire torso and stabilizes the back muscles. This training excellently increases the coordination and the condition of the body.

Battle Force

Strengthening, stabilization and movement for the whole body. This all-round workout is wonderfully suited to train all areas of physical fitness, e.g. with the help of barbells and co. Due to the great variety and variations of different exercises Battle Force is holistic, entertaining and extremely fun.

Strong by Zumba™

In most workout programs, the music tends to run in the background. The music in STRONG by Zumbawas specifically formulated to drive intensity during a challenging progression and train the entire body. The result? A whole new group fitness program with great individual success.